Jing Province (DW8)

Jing Province

The Battle of Jing Province (荊州の戦い, rōmaji: Keishō no Tatakai), also known as the Battle of Jing, refers to a series of conflicts fought for the domination of the southern province. It was one of the Nine Provinces, or one of the nine classic divisions, of China at the time.

At first, Cao Cao held the majority of the province but his control of the area was wrestled away from him after the  ChiBiLiu Bei and Sun Quan claimed two large sections of the province for themselves, splitting the province into three prominent sections.Each empire sought to control it completely, leading to increased tension over who had the proper right to claim the section of the land. After Fan Castle and  Yiling, Shu lost their foothold in the area and Jing Province was held in contention between Wei and Wu.

In the games, the time at which a singular battle takes place varies on the title.